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Robert E. Washburn

Robert E. Washburn, CFP®

 Northeastern University – Boston, Massachusetts
          Bachelor of Science Degree in
          Business Administration
          Major in finance and insurance
          Minor in economics
          Post graduate studies in real estate at Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts


 Honorably discharged U.S. Army

 Fleet Financial Services – Investment manager including fixed income portfolios,
          assisted with formulation of policy, authored periodic fixed income letters for clients and
          other portfolio managers, responsible for investment of model bond portfolios as well as
          the equity portion of retirement plans

▶ 1976 – Co-founded the Providence Group Investment Advisory Company
          Senior Partner
          Chair of Investment Policy Committee
          Assets under management: $700,000,000+

▶ 1994 – Graduate of CFP Professional Education Program
          College of Financial Planning in Denver, Colorado

▶ 1995 – Sold partnership share; Fleet Financial Services
          (Now Bank of America, Inc.)

 1997 – Established Paradigm of Indian River, Inc.

▶ 2005 – Changed name to Washburn Capital Management, Inc.