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Custody and Accounting
Provided by Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Custodian services include monthly statements, 1099’s,
year-end tax information, confirmations, etc.

Representative Sources of Investment Information
Schwab Equity Ratings Report
Ned Davis Research Ratings
Argus Analyst Report
Standard & Poor’s
Credit Suisse Research Reports

Technical input
It is necessary for us to know what technicians are predicting
as many institutional investors rely on this input.

Company contacts established over the last 30+ years
We are able to provide our clients with a wealth of knowledge and
experience that extends beyond Washburn Capital Management.

Client Input
We value and welcome input from our clients, and consider our
investment relationships a collaborative partnership.

Technology Employed
Portfolio Center
Charles Schwab Institutional
Online real time for all accounts
Trades placed online
Transactions and statements can be produced on request
Block trading


Fee Based
No commission from any product
No hidden charges
Negotiated in excess of $5,000,000