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We are client centric.
Our sole objective is to meet the investment goals of our clients.

We are an independent, fee-based advisor.
Because we are exclusively fee-based, we received no commissions or third party revenue tied to our recommendations and investments. Our fiduciary responsibility is clear - we act solely in the best interest of our clients.

We consider our relationship with our clients a collaborative partnership.

We work for and with our clients to achieve their objectives in a partnership that is open collaborative and transparent.

Washburn Capital principals are directly involved with each client.
Our clients have direct and personal access to our experienced and knowledgeable senior management and client service team members.

We believe in a balanced approach to investing.
This philosophy guides our investment strategy. Portfolios are designed to achieve optimal returns for the long-term, while limiting risk for our clients.

Clients receive an exceptionally high level of personal attention.
We listen and respond quickly to our clients’ needs and requests.

We offer a dynamic relationship.
Just as the investment needs of our clients may change over the course of time, so too can our relationship adjust to those changes



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